Duhe family

We are the Duhes!

We are Nathan and Siobahnne Duhe: missionaries, partners, parents, followers of Jesus, adventurers, creatives, linguists, amateur theologians, and all around nerdy booklovers.

We are currently serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and after a longer furlough than we anticipated due to COVID-19, we have finally arrived back in Papua New Guinea with our three boys to translate the Bible for the Aighon people of West New Britain who currently have no Scripture in their language to study and learn from for themselves.

Follow along on our journey as we navigate the day to day of the various roles we play. In our blog you’ll find ministry updates, life updates, art, and posts from either of us about things that come up in the day to day. We hope you enjoy our journey as much as we do!

Where We Serve: Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea might look small on a map to Americans, but don’t be deceived; it is made up of over 600 islands, inhabited by eight million people, and over 800 languages are spoken across its lands.

For more information about languages and cultures across Papua New Guinea, check out these resources:

2020 prayer card

How You Can Connect

As you read through our stories, we ask that you pray for our family and for the Aighon people that we serve. You can even share your prayers or sign up for our newsletter via our Contact Us page, should you choose.

Your prayers continue to lift us up every day, and mean so much to us.

As you browse this site and see what God is doing in the lives of the Aighon people through this translation project, and feel compelled to give, we invite you to do so directly through our page on the Wycliffe website.

We know that God is working in your life, and we pray that whatever ministry you are a part of that you continue to find your way in it. It might be messy (like ours is!) but we hope it brings you joy and bears much fruit.

Missionary Life Through The Lens

Siobahnne is passionate about photography, and there’s no better muse than her family. Her photography skills are well-known in the States, and she is pushing herself this year creatively to take 365 photos this year.

Each month, the family will share some snapshots from their adventures, taken by Siobahnne, to share a little of their life with you: